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Security | Specialized Computer Resources


Security is an absolutely necessary factor when using technology – no matter how small the network is. From a single individual with a laptop to a 500 workstation corporation. Your data and your network activity should be secure. Specialized Computer Resources utilizes a wide array of hardware and software to ensure that security for our clients.


Deploying corporate firewalls such as Cisco and Dell Sonicwall is the cornerstone of a secure network. While individual workstation security is just as important. Providing that barrier from the outside world to your internet connection is a top priority. Firewalls do not limit your access but rather allow you complete control over what is being transmitted within your office or home.

Web and Email Filters

Another line of defense often implemented is a filter such as a Barracuda. Products such as Mail & Spam filters and Web filters allow the company to decide what type of traffic and content is acceptable on your network. It provides the company the ability to limit certain features and protect and ensure that virus transmissions are at an all time minimum. It also allows you to make exceptions for individuals that need access to certain resources such as social media or foreign websites. These filters can be applied both in-line with the internet connection filtering all the traffic to your specifications or set on your network as a proxy. ┬áMore often than not, a lot of companies see fit to deploy these type of systems to protect their company from user errors such as malicious data compromising bugs like “Cryptolocker” or “Cryptowall”.

What is Cryptolocker/Cryptowall?virus

Cryptolocker/Cryptowall and it’s variants are viruses that come in the form of a simple PDF or file attachment or as a file off the internet that seems common and deceivingly safe. The bug executes itself and encrypts all of your data that it comes in contact with rendering it unusable and unreadable. You are then prompted with instructions on send a several hundred dollar ransom to retrieve your data and more often than not – your money is taken and your data remains unusable.

Companies have lost their Quickbooks data, accounting information, important documents, contracts, etc all from this virus. This is why Specialized Computer Resources are adamant about taking preemptive measures to prevent these ordeals.