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Specialized Computer Resources is a one stop solution for all of your business needs in Northern New Jersey. We handle every aspect from initial assessment and examination of your office to the quoting and full deployment of all needed hardware and labor. We have successfully moved countless companies in various fields into virtual environments in our data center co-locations for ultimate security and safety. We have configured network security systems and cameras to protect your company. There is literally no task too small or too large for us to tackle. We offer competitive and fair pricing and work out among our team of professionals an ideal solution for each and every job.


Networking is a broad term used to classify the exchange of information and resources between multiple systems. In short, networking is how your computer-networking-4workstations communicate with the internet and with each other. It is a vital aspect of business IT and every company requires it’s own specific setup to accommodate their needs. There are multiple solutions that we utilize in a business environment to make sure that security and accessibility are at the forefront.

Virtual Private Networks (VPN)

A virtual private network is when two completely separate locations allow for resources to be shared between them without the need of a physical connection. For example, if a company has two offices or locations and ‘Location A’ has a server with documents needed by an employee at ‘Location B’. They can seamlessly access those resources as they would any other folder on their computer and vice versa. Virtual Private Networks are also encrypted and highly secure and HIPAA compliant. VPN solutions also allow for you to ‘dial in’ to your VPN network from essentially anywhere with an internet connection and access the information that you need.

Data Backup Solutions

Data backups have been proven over the years to be an absolute essential for any business or network. The reality of the situation is that computers are not built to last forever and mishaps do happen. Between viruses and hard drive failures and mistaken deletions – restoration of data is a option that can alleviate a headache and prevent a lot of stress.

Specialized Computer Resources has deployed a network of high capacity state of the art dedicated backup servers to allow our customers the ability to sleep at night knowing that their data is not resting on the stability of a single hard drive.

What happens during a back up?cloud-backup-provider

In the off hours of your company, your server or workstation will connect via a secure VPN connection to our remote off-site backup location in our datacenter. The data will be incrementally backed up for a duration and stored securely and encrypted on a remote server. After the backup, the data will be synced to a secondary network storage location to add double the protection to your data and information.

What happens when you need to restore?

You wake up and your server will not boot! Your files are missing? Not a worry. After we determine if a hardware replacement is necessary and we get you back up and functional in a timely fashion. Utilizing the same software set, we remotely restore your data from the secure servers back to it’s original location and permissions.

Data Center Locations


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